+ How did I not know about the SPENE @ FIT – SPE Northeast Regional Conference until today?  It has William Lamson, Zoe Strauss, Amy Stein, Cara Phillips, Laurel Ptak AND portfolio reviews with more amazing people?  WHAT?!?  And of course, I can’t go.  I feel incredibly not on top of things at this very moment.

+ If I had any extra money at all I would bid on this so fast— I am in love with this image by Noah Kalina.

+ I’m SO EXCITED to be going to the Bazaar Bizarre tonight!  It’s open until 7, so get on over there!

+ According to the GenderAnalyzer, Existing Light is 52% written by a woman.  I find that amusing since I’ve written most of the posts here (I admit that my speech patterns are rather feminine), but I appreciate the assessment by a random website that we’re pretty gender neutral.  That sounds about right.

In response to the Magnum Advice to Young Photographers, some other people’s thoughts:
+ We Can’t Paint’s “On Advice and Context”
+ Mrs. Deane’s “Some more advice to young photographers”
+ Discussion with Joerg Colberg and others on advice
I have a feeling that a discussion on some of these topics might make for a good video blog or discussion/interview between Steph and I… maybe we’ll have to set aside some time to have a few drinks and really dig into these topics…

More interviews:
+ Debut Solo Shows: An Interview with Jesse Chehak @ Ground Glass
+ Marilyn Manson @ The Art Newspaper: “If I didn’t care about the world, I wouldn’t put something into it.”
A Conversation with Emily Shur @ Nymphoto